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Pico 4 Project

2012 Bay of Campeche, Mexico, Mammoet Salvage Americas

Removal of the legs of jackup boat Pico 4 from the bottom in the AKAL oil field, Bay of Campeche.

M/V Haidar

Removed fuel from capsized livestock carrier at a commercial berth at Vila do Conde, on the Pará River

Daiki Maru No. 7 & Take Maru No.55

While approaching Apra Harbor, Guam, in early February 2014, the Japanese long-line tuna fishing boat, Daiki Maru No. 7, missed the navigation channel and grounded on the reef near the base of the Spanish Steps inside the US Naval Base. Guam.  Breaking surf at the wreck location further damaged the vessel, complicating local attempts to remove it.  After unsuccessful attempts by local companies to refloat the vessel, Mammoet Salvage was contracted by the owner’s representatives to remove the wreck under the auspices of the US Coast Guard and US Navy.

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porter marine salvage.Amuriyah

The 82,000-ton VLCC Amuriyah, an Iraqi tanker that sunk near Bubiyan Island off the coast of Kuwait in January 1991 during Operation Desert Storm, has been refloated by a salvage team of Mammoet Salvage in two sections, and moved away from the area. VLCC Amuriyah wreck, at an average depth of 33m, had to be moved because it was within the tanker turning circle of a future Single Mooring Point (SMP-5) at Iraq’s Al Basrah Oil Terminal, through which 97% of Iraq’s crude oil is shipped. The sunken vessel blocked construction of a vital mooring point for the export of crude oil from SMP-5. Sterling Global Operations provided the surface-supplied divers for unexploded ordnance search and removal. After the VLCC Amuriyah and surrounding area was cleared, the wreck was refloated by a salvage team of Mammoet Salvage in two sections, and moved away from the area. The operation began in March 2014.

Iraqi Supertanker Amuriyah was sunken in 1991 by the US Navy during the first Gulf War.  In December 2016 and January 2017 a team from Mammoet Salvage succeeded in refloating the tanker’s engine room and stern section, completing the removal of the wreck from the Al Basra Oil Terminal, in Iraqi waters of the northern Gulf of Arabia (Persian Gulf).

Wreck removal Galapaface 1, Galapagos

MV Galapaface 1, a refrigerated cargo ship, 1,183 gross tons, built in 1979. It was Ecuadorian flagged, carrying cargo from Guayaquil, Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands. On May 9, 2014 she grounded on Punta Carola, Wreck Bay, near the entrance of the port of Baquerizo Moreno, on San Cristóbal Island, Galapagos Islands.

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